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Faucet Repair and Replacement


There are a few signs that can indicate that your faucet needs a repair.  If you notice water dripping from the faucet, if the water pressure is low, or if the faucet is difficult to turn on or off, it may be time for a repair.

If you have a broken or leaking faucet, contact a professional plumber immediately so they can diagnose the problem and offer a solution. While some faucets do need to be replaced, most can be fixed with the appropriate know-how.

Low Water Pressure

One common faucet problem is low water pressure. If the water pressure coming out of your faucet is weak, it could mean that there is something blocking the aerator. There is a possibility that calcium deposits have built up on the faucet aerator. In this case, it will need to be cleaned or replaced.

If these don’t work and you still experience low water pressure, it might be time to replace your faucet.

Loose or Wiggly Faucet Handle

A wobbly faucet handle can be fixed with a red thread lock to secure the screw in place. However, if this does not solve the problem, then it’s probably time for a replacement.

Sometimes you can fix a wobbly faucet by tightening the washer but if that doesn’t work then you will need to get a new one.

Temperature Problems

If you turn on the hot water tap and suddenly the water turns cold, it could mean that there is a problem with your water heater. If this is the case, you will need to call a plumber to fix the issue.

However, it’s also possible that there is a problem with the faucet itself. If the water gets cold as soon as it comes out of the faucet, it might mean that there is a leak in the valve. In this case, you will need to replace the valve.

Noisy Faucet

If your faucet makes loud screaming, squeaking, or chattering noises when turned on, it can mean a variety of different things.

There could be a part in the water supply system that is vibrating. A worn or faulty washer, cartridge, seal, spindle, gasket, or check valve in the water supply system or in the faucet can cause the noise. If your faucet’s washer is not the correct size or if it is not held securely to the system, it will cause noise.

A noisy faucet could also mean that the pipes in the system may be too small for water to pass through effectively.

Water Leakage

If the faucet is dripping constantly or you can hear water running even when it has been turned off, this means that the O-rings in the tap are worn out. This is a common issue many homeowners face down the road. Replacing these O-rings will be simple and easy to fix. However, if they are not replaced for some time, there might be mineral deposits built up on the valve seat. If this happens, it may require more extensive repair work.

If your faucet is leaking from the spout or handle, this means that there could also be a faulty O-ring inside the faucet that needs to be replaced, or that there is a problem with the seal or gasket. This is an inexpensive fix and can usually be done in less than an hour by someone with plumbing experience.

Anytime there is a leak in the faucets internal workings, it’s important to bring in professional help as soon as possible.

A faucet leak can be a potentially serious issue without the proper diagnosis. Here are some common issues caused by a leaky faucet:

  • Bursts
  • Blowouts
  • Higher water bills
  • Plumbing system failure

Signs It’s Time for a Faucet Replacement

There are a few telltale signs that your faucet most certainly needs a replacement.  Some of these signs include:


It’s time for a faucet replacement if you can see rust spots under your faucet near the base where water pools over time. This can be caused by a small hole that has developed in one of your internal pipes and caused rusting to occur around the outer edge of your faucet. This is a very bad sign and needs immediate attention before further damage occurs.


If your faucet is more than 10 years old, it may be time for a replacement.  Older faucets have thinner metal inlets that are more prone to rust. These inlets usually contribute to a slow leak which can then lead to damage throughout your home.

Broken Faucet Handle

If the inside of your faucet handle is broken or cracked, it’s time for a replacement. This could mean that water pressure has significantly built up and the outside structure of the handle cannot withstand this pressure while moving without causing any damage within the interior of the faucet. The handle may appear fine while closed but when open, you’ll see some cracks or chips around its edge or surface. When this happens, don’t delay on getting a new one installed as you will most likely need to replace other parts within your faucet as well.

The Faucets Don’t Match

If you just bought your house and find that the fixtures don’t match, it would be wise to change them all out. This is because different faucets have different internal working systems that may not all be compatible with each other. If you don’t replace them all, you may experience at least one broken faucet during the transition period if your fixtures are mixed and matched.

Constant Repairs

When you see that your faucet is constantly breaking down, it’s probably time for a replacement. Even if each individual repair only yields a few minutes of functionality before something else breaks down or it stops working all together, you might want to go ahead and replace the damaged faucet. Not only does this save both money and time waiting for repairs, it also ensures that you won’t have to deal with any additional problems in the future.

Other Causes

Your faucet may be leaking internally because the seal has broken in some way. This can happen when you turn your water on too high or use it for things it’s not meant to handle. For example, if someone left a pan heating on your stovetop unattended and boiled dry, causing heat damage to nearby burners, then this heat could have caused damage to the nearby seals of your faucet which would need repair immediately before small particles of plastic end up in your drinking water.

You can check for this type of damage by running some soapy water around the seals on your faucet. If you see some bubbles, then you’ll know that there’s a problem and it needs to be fixed as soon as possible before debris starts entering your drinking water.

Replacing Your Faucet

Replacing a faucet is usually a relatively easy task and can often be done in under an hour, if there are no underlying issues. The most important thing you need to do is prepare the area around your faucet by removing all of the items under the sink beforehand.

Once this is done, shut off your water supply and drain any remaining water in your pipes (which is where a bucket for catching water comes in). Unscrewing screws on top of the faucet may reveal bolts underneath; remove these bolts with an appropriate screwdriver before lifting off the faucet.

Look inside to ensure that there are no further screws or bolts holding it down. You probably won’t find any, but if you do then take them out. At this point, you can lift up and place your new faucet into position. Insert any necessary screws or connectors into their corresponding spaces, and tighten down to lock in place.

Finally, screw your water lines back onto the appropriate places and re-open your water supply before testing out the faucet for leaks.

Even if you don’t plan on replacing a faucet yourself, it’s always helpful to know what signs indicate that you need one. Sometimes just tightening down loose parts can solve your problem, but it may also be necessary to replace worn out parts with new ones.

If there are any leaks or drips coming from your faucet then this is an obvious sign that something is wrong; however, not all apparent issues will be as easy to fix without the right tools and knowledge.

Professional Faucet Repair & Replacement

You’re busy, and you don’t have time to deal with a broken faucet.

We know that when your sink is leaking or the handle won’t turn off, it can be frustrating. That’s why we want to help you get back to what matters most – so you can focus on running your home or business without worrying about plumbing issues.

Let us take care of all your faucet repair needs for you so that you can get back to your family or keep working hard at growing your business! Our team will come out quickly and fix any issue in no time at all. With Certified Plumbing of Brevard, there are no hidden fees or surprise costs – just honest workmanship from experienced professionals who always put our customers first!

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