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10 Plumbing Priorities to Check Before You Leave on Vacation

Certified Plumbing of Brevard - June 9, 2022 - 0 comments

Are you planning on taking a vacation soon? If so, be sure to check your plumbing priorities before you leave! A lot can happen while you’re away, and you don’t want to come home to a mess. Our certified plumbing professionals suggest ten things to check before you head out of town:

Shut Off Your Water Supply, Water Heater, and Water Valve

Flooding can happen in your home even when no one uses the water. Leaking fixtures or burst pipes are the most common reasons. To prevent this, simply turn off your water supply. If you still need to run your water supply to a particular appliance, such as a pool pump, you can turn off the water supply at individual sinks and toilets. If you have a classic water heater, draining it before leaving is an intelligent money-saving move that will help prevent mineral build-up.

Clean Your Drains, Gutters, Toilets, and Garbage Disposal

Drains, gutters, toilets, and garbage disposals can all have residues that make them smell after some time without use. To avoid a foul stench, you should clean all drains, gutters, toilets, and garbage disposals before you leave. A cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar clean drains nicely. You should clean your gutters of debris to make sure they can drain water away from your roof. For your garbage disposal, use a long brush and warm, soapy water to clean it, followed by a bit of vinegar and cold water to wash away the vinegar.

Check Appliances

You should walk around your home and check all your appliances for problems. These include leaks, moisture, and corrosion. If you see any, call the certified plumbing professionals at Certified Plumbing of Brevard! We can take care of it while you relax.

Drain Outside Faucets and Disconnect Hoses

Remember that you may also have faucets and appliances outside of your home. Disconnect any hoses you have hooked up. Open all outside faucets, so they fully drain to prevent the buildup of old water.

Shut Off Your Automatic Ice Maker

Many freezers have an automatic ice maker installed. Remember to turn yours off. Doing this will keep the automatic ice maker from drawing water and making ice you won’t use while you’re away. If it is a freestanding ice maker, there should be a switch to select the cycle and turn it to “off” mode. Otherwise, simply unplug the automatic ice maker and empty any ice inside.

Leave Washers and Dishwashers Open

Before you leave, make sure you open the doors of your clothes washer and dishwasher. After each use, these machines tend to leave small amounts of freestanding water inside them. If you leave the doors open, the water will evaporate, preventing the growth of mold and mildew.

Open All Taps and Faucets

Once you have turned off your water line and heater, you still need to let out the water already in your pipes. Slowly open each faucet one at a time in your kitchen and bathrooms. Remember to turn each faucet and tap off after they have drained. You should also flush all toilets to remove any water in the tanks.

Keep Your Pool Pump Running

If you have a pool, we recommend keeping your pool pump running. Keeping the pump active will prevent the accumulation of algae in your pool. If you are away for an extended period, you may wish to drain your pool entirely.

Have a Friend Check In

If you are going on an extended vacation, you likely already have a trusted friend or relative lined up to attend to things like your mail, pets, and plants. This person can also make sure to run the water at least once a month and catch any problems before they become too serious.

Schedule an Annual Maintenance Inspection by Certified Plumbing Professionals

All of the steps listed above are good and necessary, but none of them substitute for an annual maintenance inspection by a certified plumber. Calling such a technician can help you catch issues early and fix them before they become big problems. This foresight has the added benefit of catching what might be minor issues now, so a certified plumbing service can fix them when you return or even while you are away. Either way, a proper maintenance inspection will give you the confidence and security of knowing that your home will be in good shape upon your return.

Unlike the other steps listed, an annual maintenance inspection isn’t something you can do yourself. Knowing who to trust for such an important task can be challenging, but not when you’re in the professional hands of Certified Plumbing of Brevard! We have over three decades of experience in the field and glowing testimonials from clients across the Space Coast. Whether you are a homeowner or a commercial property owner, you know plumbing is essential, so trust it to the professionals. Trust it to Certified Plumbing of Brevard.

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