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How to Choose a Plumber

Certified Plumbing of Brevard - January 14, 2022 - 0 comments

The job of a plumber is something that no one can take lightly. Whether it’s commercial or residential plumbing, the lines and fixtures in your home are subject to serious damage if you do not handle them properly. To avoid hiring someone who isn’t right for the job, you need to choose someone based on their experience, licensing status, and customer support.


Start by looking at what you need to do when choosing a plumber. If it’s just an issue with one fixture in particular, hire somebody with residential experience rather than commercial. This may sound like common sense, but inexperienced homeowners often call commercial services when all they really need is a quick fix from a local commercial plumber. Luckily, Certified Plumbing of Brevard does both residential plumbing and commercial plumbing, and we’re able to help you assess what level of service your issue needs.

The best way to know if you need to hire a commercial plumber is to identify some serious plumbing issues. These may include:

  • A broken pipe in your basement
  • If your plumbing system is constantly running at capacity
  • Sewage issues

If you’re experiencing any of these serious commercial plumbing problems, please call us immediately. We’ll be there to assess your commercial plumbing needs and start promptly on repairs. If it turns out commercial services are unnecessary, then you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your plumbing system has gone through inspection by certified plumbing professionals who specialize in both residential and commercial plumbing.

Certified Plumbing of Brevard has served the Brevard County community for over 33 years. When it comes to choosing a plumber with vast experience, we’re the leading choice for Brevard County. It’s important to hire someone with a lot of experience versus a new plumber. This decision can save you a great deal in time and money when your plumbing job is successful the first time.

Additionally, we employ commercial grade equipment and professional quality parts when performing our services.

Certified Plumbing of Brevard

Licensing Status

Certified Plumbing of Brevard only hires fully trained and licensed technicians to install and repair virtually any type of plumbing services. These certifications ensure our customers receive quality commercial plumbing installation and repair. For more information, give us a call at (321) 676-0812.

Customer Support

The worst thing that can happen to you after a plumbing repair is to run into another issue and not get any assistance. Another issue that causes home and business owners to be wary of different companies is being charged for services that are unnecessary to the job required. 

Certified Plumbing of Brevard offers reliable 24/7 emergency plumbing service in the Brevard County area. We understand that plumbing issues can occur anytime, and affect people’s lives when not addressed. Therefore, we do our best to offer commercial and residential services in the timeliest manner. We can help with any commercial or residential plumbing issues you may need, and ensure your satisfaction with our communicative staff.

We’re Here for You

When you need a plumber, Certified Plumbing of Brevard is the only name you can trust.

We’re not just any random plumbing company. Our team has over 3 decades of experience serving customers in Brevard County for both residential and commercial plumbing issues. With our expertise and dedication to customer service, there isn’t anything we can’t handle for your home or business. Whether it’s an emergency or scheduled work, we’ll get the job done right every time. Hire us today, and we’ll save you the hassle and headache!

You don’t have to worry about us showing up late when you call us at (321) 676-0812, as we also do our best to communicate effectively with our customers. Our technicians are available 24/7, so we’re always ready to help out when we’re needed the most. If your problem requires parts that aren’t readily stocked onsite, we’ll run to the store and try to get those for you on the same day so that everything is taken care of as quickly as possible. No matter what kind of issue arises – big or small – Certified Plumbing of Brevard is here for you.

Call (321) 676-0812 today and let us take care of all your plumbing issues before they become problems tomorrow.

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