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How to Pet-Proof Your Plumbing

Certified Plumbing of Brevard - October 22, 2021 - 0 comments

Pets are curious creatures by nature, and while many pet lovers may think nothing of it when their furry friend follows them into the bathroom, this can cause big and small consequences.

Here are some tips on how to pet-proof your plumbing.

Bathe Your Pet Outside

If possible, bathing your pet outside will be beneficial because dog and cat fur can get muddy and matted if the weather is damp. This means more fur and residue in your plumbing and on your floors!

If you and your pet prefer the tub, try to hose them off afterward rather than washing them with soap. This will prevent residue from polluting your plumbing system and causing blockages.

Keep Your Pets Water Bowl Full

Ensuring a full water bowl will prevent your pet from searching for water elsewhere, which also means that there is less chance of them drinking from the toilet. This can not only be detrimental to your plumbing but also your pet’s health!

Be Aware of Backyard Plumbing Pipes

Many dogs love to dig, and it’s essential to be aware of where your pipes are so that they don’t dig up your backyard plumbing. Make sure to keep your dogs away from your backyard pipes by closing off any entrances to the yard that they have, if possible.

Don’t Flush Litter or Pet Waste Down the Toilet

When it comes to flushing litter or pet waste down the toilet, this is a no-no! This can cause a clog and be very harmful to your plumbing and any septic systems that you may have.

Keep Cabinets Locked at All Times

Underneath cabinets, there can be many dangers such as chemicals, appliances, and even pipes that can harm your pet. Make sure when you are not around to keep all cabinets locked so that your dog cannot access these items when they are unsupervised.

Benefits of Pet Proofing Your Home

When you take the proper precautions, pet-proofing your home has a wide array of benefits such as:

  • saves you money on plumbing bills
  • prevents damage to your home
  • it can prevent your animal from becoming injured or sick
  • and more

The best way to prevent these injuries is by taking the proper precautions and pet-proofing your home. Once you’ve taken all of these steps, you will be able to rest easy, knowing that your home is safe for both yourself and your pet.

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