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Why You Need a Plumbing Vent

Certified Plumbing of Brevard - January 28, 2022 - 0 comments

Do you know what a plumbing vent is? Most people don’t. Thevent pipe is a vital component of the plumbing system in your home. You can better diagnose problems if you understand what a vent pipe is and how it operates.

What Is a Vent Pipe?

A vent pipe allows air to enter the plumbing system to move water along your pipes. A vent pipe is necessary because water, while it can hold a lot of air in suspension, will release it over time. Therefore, the plumbing vent pipe collects and expels this air so that your system never runs short of sufficient water to function smoothly.

Without proper ventilation, sewage gas may collect within your plumbing system and cause blockages and clogs that lead to plumbing problems such as back-ups. A plumbing vent also helps relieve pressure within your plumbing system by allowing the excess air and water vapor inside to escape into the atmosphere. Potent sewer gasses can cause discomfort throughout your home; therefore, having a working plumbing vent means healthier indoor atmospheric conditions for you and your family. 

Types of Vent Pipes

  • True Vent is the most common vent type. It’s a vertical pipe that connects to your drain and vents from the roof since no water passes through it.
  • Common Vent is a regular vent between two fixtures, such as back-to-back sinks put on opposite sides of a wall. They are joined to the stack with a sanitary cross.
  • Auxiliary Vent or Re-vent Pipe connects to the drain line or behind the plumbing device. It snakes its way up and over to the roof’s primary vent.
  • Air Admittance Valve (AAV) is a valve that opens when wastewater drains. It allows air into the room while using gravity to keep any gasses out. These vents are usually for more than one fixture.

Vent Installation

There are several types of plumbing vent pipes, and your plumbing vent system should include a combination of them. For example, some vents have both an exterior vent pipe from the roof and an interior vent that allows for excess water vapor to escape from inside the structure.

In most cases, your plumbing vent will be constructed using PVC or ABS plastic piping which is lightweight and durable. One or more metal stacks may also be placed inside this vent. These stacks go through the roof and can vary in shape and length depending on where they enter the building’s structure (e.g., basement, attic). 

Plumbing Vent Issues

Plumbing vents are prone to clogging over time due to the following:

  • Leaves and debris falling into the plumbing vent
  • Insects and rodents building nests inside the vent
  • Dirt and dust settling on top of the vent

Clogged Plumbing Vents

If your vent becomes clogged, it could cause your plumbing fixtures to overfill with water, and humidity levels will become elevated in your home as excess moisture cannot escape outside. Aside from allowing for proper drainage of the sink, bathtub, and kitchen sinks we take for granted each day, plumbing vents provide an essential function by helping to maintain healthy indoor air quality. 

Have You Checked Your Plumbing Vents Lately?

While plumbing vent-related problems can be easy to identify, it’s only after the vents have been clogged for many months or years that they cause plumbing problems. Because plumbing vents are on your roof, most people don’t check them regularly. It is best to look at plumbing vents during each season of the year and keep an eye out for any noticeable issues.

Get Started With a Vent Pipe Inspection

A plumbing vent is an important part of your home’s plumbing system. It allows air to flow in and out of the drainage system, which helps prevent drain clogs and sewer gas from entering your home. If you’re having any problems with your plumbing, it’s a good idea to have a plumbing vent inspection done to determine if there’s a problem with your venting system.

Certified Plumbing of Brevard offers professional plumbing vent inspection services. We are a full-service, family-owned, and family-operated company providing the highest quality service in Brevard County for over 30 years. Our team of highly trained professionals will be able to solve any problem you may have with your home or business plumbing system. We offer 24/7 emergency services and free estimates on all new installations and repairs.

If you’re looking for fast, reliable service from a trusted plumber, reach out to us. Contact Certified Plumbing now by calling (321) 676-0812 or clicking here. We’re excited to hear from you and happy to assist you with your needs today!

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