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Drain Auger Vs. Drain Snake

Certified Plumbing of Brevard - December 21, 2022 - 0 comments

Which Tool is Right for the Job?

Winter in Florida means cool sunny days that average in the early 60s. Besides for that one week where days begin in the 30s. It’s a beloved warm climate down here, and honestly, that’s why most people stay here. You don’t need to worry about your pipes freezing when the temperature drops or a blizzard comes through. Instead, plumbing concerns for Floridian homeowners and renters typically are about pipe corrosion, mineral deposits, pests, and of course, the season-proofed clogged drain. 

You don’t have much time to think when your drain is clogged. If you’re wondering how to act, which one to use, a drain auger vs. a drain snake? The longer you wait, the messier the situation will be. Here are some distinctions between the two tools so you will undoubtedly be sure for the next clog.

It’s essential to keep up with the health of your plumbing system. This will ensure that your drains do not get backed up and cause extensive and expensive problems later on. Luckily, Certified Plumbing of Brevard has your back with our 24/7 emergency service. But we can help to prevent emergencies with routine services to your plumbing systems so you won’t need to call our emergency number. 

Certified Plumbing of Brevard has over three decades of trust and experience. We proudly offer comprehensive plumbing solutions for community medical, commercial, and residential clients. We strive to be there with reliable service when our clients need us most. Whether you’re facing a minor or major issue – we have it covered!

drain auger vs. drain snake

DIY Plumbing

If you want to take care of the clogged drain all by yourself, you may have a few fundamental questions. Some questions about the proper tools needed for a plumbing job and the difference between a drain auger vs. a drain snake. 

Drain Auger Vs. Drain Snake

Ultimately, the main difference between the two is that drain augers are meant to break up the clog, while the snake is meant to pull the clog out. These tools are available to help you clear a drain without the need to call a professional plumber. Though, Certified Plumber of Brevard is always here to help you. For your know-how, let’s examine the differences between these two tools to find the right match for your clog. 

Drain Auger 

A drain auger, sometimes called a plumbing snake, is a flexible cable that can be inserted into a sink or tub drain. The end has an auger bit, which means it’s spiral-shaped, making it easier to grab and twist out obstructions. It also has an adjustable handle at the other end to apply pressure as needed while maneuvering the snake through tight spots and curves. Generally speaking, drain augers require the user to manually spin the crank handle to feed the cable down the pipe and break up any clog that might be present. 

When to Use a Drain Auger?

A drain auger is best suited for small-to-medium-sized clogs in kitchen sinks, bathtubs, or shower drains. Using an auger may be the best option if you have a particularly tough or stubborn clog. It will work better than a standard plunger in certain situations. However, if there are multiple clogs throughout the plumbing system or if the clog is located deep within your sewer line, then using an auger may not be effective. In those cases, you may need to call your trusted plumber, whereas we have specialized tools for clearing out such deep-seated clogs.

Three Types of Augers

Manual Augers 

Manual augers are one of the most common types of drain augers used by homeowners. These tools consist of a thin cable that is inserted into the pipe and manually turned with a handle to dislodge debris from the walls of the pipe. This type of auger is great for small clogs –  caused by hair or soap scum.However, manual augers have limited reach and cannot access clogs that are further down the line. 

Electric Augers 

Electric augers are more powerful than manual ones and have much longer cables, which makes them better suited for deep clogs in main sewer lines. They also have more features than manual augers, such as adjustable speeds and reverse functions. The reverse function comes in handy because you can easily move the cable back and forth through the pipe, which will help dislodge debris along the way. Electric augers can also be used to clear drains with multiple bends or corners since their long cables can easily maneuver around obstacles in the pipe. 

drain auger vs. drain snake

Hydraulic Augers 

The strongest type of drain auger is a hydraulic or power-operated one. It uses water pressure to drive its rotating head through the toughest clogs. Hydraulic augers are typically used for larger-scale jobs such as clearing roots from underground sewer lines or unclogging commercial-grade plumbing systems. These tools also come with safety features such as emergency shut-off valves in case of an issue during operation. 

Trailer Auger System  

This type of drain cleaning tool consists of a trailer system with an electric motor connected to high-pressure hoses that are fed into pipes via self-feeding reels. The trailer system allows for easy transport between job sites and it has enough power to clear any size blockage effectively.  It also comes equipped with water jets which help break apart tough blockages like tree roots without damaging pipes or sewer lines.  

Drain Snake 

A drain snake is a long, flexible wire-like tool that removes blockages from pipes. The “snake” portion of the tool resembles a coiled metal cable that can be inserted into the pipe to break up clogs and debris. It comes in manual and powered varieties, making it suitable for all clogs. A drain snake is similar to an auger but with one key difference—it has sharp teeth along its length rather than a spiral end. Also, they are typically smaller in diameter than a drain auger. 

When to Use A Drain Snake?

Drain snakes are ideal for removing hair, soap scum, and other small objects that can cause clogs in your pipes. They are also great for reaching deep into hard-to-reach areas that traditional plungers cannot reach. However, they are not recommended for use on grease as it can get caught up in the snake’s coils. 

It’s important to note that drain snakes don’t work well on large objects like tree roots or toys – these will require more powerful tools such as hydro-jetting or rooter machines. If you suspect that something other than debris is causing your clog, it’s best to contact Certified Plumbing of Brevard to get the job done right.  

Two Types of Drain Snakes

Manual Drain Snakes 

Manual drain snakes are one of the most common tools used to unclog drains in homes and businesses. They come in two varieties—handheld or sink-mounted. They work best for small clogs caused by hair, soap scum, or other debris that may be blocking the drain. They are also affordable and easy to use; however, they can be difficult to maneuver in tight spaces such as between pipes or around bends in the plumbing system. Additionally, manual drain snakes don’t always work if something stuck further down the pipe needs to be removed. 

drain auger vs. drain snake

Electric Drain Snakes 

Electric drain snakes are powered by electricity and have a rotating blade at the end. This helps to remove clogs more effectively than manual snakes. Electric drain snakes are easier to maneuver than manual ones because they come with an adjustable handle.  It’s, therefore, easier to guide them through tight spaces or around bends.  

The downside is that electric drain snakes can be quite expensive, depending on the model you purchase. They also require more maintenance than manual models. These powerful machines require training and experience to use them properly. Or else you may cause damage to your pipes, which could risk needing to replace them. A costly error. Certified Plumbing of Brevard also specializes in repiping. Though, we’d much rather help you manage costs by maintaining the health of your plumbing system.  

Why Use Certified Plumbing of Brevard’s Expertise

Drain augers and drain snakes are valuable tools for unclogging drains. But knowing which tool is right for the job is key!

It’s better to be safe than sorry, so don’t mess with your plumbing system with high powered tools. Call a professional plumber instead. 

Certified Plumbing of Brevard is a trusted local professional company that has serviced Brevard county for over 30 years. Don’t worry about buying the proper tool, whether drain auger vs. drain snake. We have both! Call us at 321-676-0812,  for service to keep your plumbing system working properly for years to come! 

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